Glamour Photography

What Is Glamour Photography ?

In Oklahoma City, Glamour photography, aka portrait photography, highlights the natural features of the lady in a manner that is meant to be flattering and artistic. Glamour photography covers a wide range of portrait styles, from stylized senior portraits for high school students to images used on the professional business woman’s web site and business cards. There are numerous examples of glamour photography in magazines, covering a range from demure images to more racy ones.

​We view our glamour photography as art, exploring the nature of the human form and using a variety of stylistic techniques to highlight our female clients. Often we are able to show multiple sides of the ladies, using lighting, composition, and poses that draw out the ladies hidden personalities. Even though glamour photography is often thought of as sensual, it does not have to be sensual in nature.

Glamour photography is a style of portrait photography that converts a woman into someone who looks like a professional model seen in the fashion magazines, calendars, and pinup articles. These beautiful and enticing images are the result of the use of cosmetics, lighting and retouching techniques that Fantasy Photography has made famous in our over 25 years of experience.

Glamour photography has been around for decades. Since the 1950’s the use of glamour photographs in all genres of magazines, from news to fashion to photography, has become the norm.

Fantasy Photography has offered this style of photography since the 1980’s. We offer professional hair and makeup artists and professional retouching to allow every woman to have the “model” experience.

Fantasy Photography has photographed more ladies under the glamour banner than anyone else in Oklahoma. We are able to take glamour photographs of anyone. We can find the best features in any client, from a movie starlet to an aging mother. All of the ladies enjoy their glamour photography sessions and the results because the portraits can make them feel better about themselves and their body by illustrating their natural beauty and unique features.

We also work with couples.

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“No one who looks at these pictures would ever believe I am 65 years old; you made me look 20 years younger. The retouching is fabulous. You removed all of my flaws. These pictures are really amazing!” ~ M.P.

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