Boudoir Photography

Fantasy Photography offers, from start to finish, a private, comfortable, discrete and tasteful boudoir photography service in Oklahoma City for women requiring sensual and pin up photography for any reason.

Some of our client’s mentioned reasons:

  • BRIDES needing a wedding gift for their groom.
  • GIFTS for Valentines, Christmas, Anniversary, Birthday or a treat for that special someone.
  • GLAMOUR photos and adult natured, confidential photography.
  • CONFIDENCE BOOSTS and boudoir makeovers.
  • SPECIAL photography that may not fall into any specific category, so just ask.


Who is Fantasy Photography

Fantasy Photography is located in a portrait studio at 6600 N. Meridian Avenue, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. We have been in a studio for over 25 years. We are one of the five oldest photography studios in Oklahoma. This is one of the most important reasons to select Fantasy Photography to fulfill your boudoir portrait needs. The ability to be in business, for this length of time, guarantees to each of our clients that they will receive the attention and quality of beautiful photographs that they demand.


Boudoir Photography in Oklahoma City

We are getting a lot of customers who have heard terrible stories from their friends who have had pictures taken by “photographers” who do not have a business location in a photography studio. These poor ladies were ripped off. They have gone to someone who works out of their home, or garage, or backyard, or hotel, or warehouse, or behind some other business that is not a portrait studio.. (If the website does not list an address, there is no studio !!!) These women are complaining about the quality of the pictures, the bad colors, out of focus images, the poor service, the lack of professional competence by the photographer, or even not getting the pictures that they paid for. The coupon “specials” are not returning their photographs after over 6 months of waiting and constant calling.

Never, ever, choose someone who does not work in a photography studio that is not independent from any other type of business. Make sure that they have worked in that location for at least 5 years, not just moved from across town, or from out of the city, or from out of state. If they do not have these most basic qualifications, they are NOT professional photographers. They are just amateurs whose hobby is photography. Your money and time may be wasted. They do not have the experience, knowledge, skill, or proven trustworthiness to be able to produce the beautiful portraits that you will cherish for a lifetime. Someone who sells lingerie and takes pictures in the back room is NOT a professional photographer; they are retail clerks with a camera. Someone who has a hair salon and takes pictures in the back room is NOT a professional photographer; they are hairdressers who have a camera. Please, choose your photographer wisely.