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Boudoir Photography is a style of photography that projects a woman in a soft, sensual, and romantic manner. These boudoir portraits include glamour photography and so much more.  Our clients are modern women who want beautiful boudoir photos that depart from the standard “sit in front of the camera and smile” pictures they get from everyone else. Our photography is similar to those that can be found in the better fashion, lingerie, or upscale men’s magazines. These flattering portraits will be cherished for a lifetime by the lady beautifully transformed in the photographs. Every woman feels great about the way she looks when she receives her ordered Fantasy Portfolio. Anyone fortunate enough to receive this unique and personal photo album as a gift for a honeymoon, anniversary, Valentines Day, Christmas, or any special occasion will be deeply touched by the love expressed in these romantic images.

How do we create these special images?

When a woman says she wants something sexy and special for herself, or that special man in her life, she could mean just about anything. To understand what she desires, we first set up a short complimentary consultation at our studio.

There is no charge. We are going to show her photographs that represent the wide variety of photography styles and options that are available, more than can be viewed on this web site. Our clients have requested photos represented in a broad assortment of portraiture styles:  glamour, lingerie, exotic, New York model, Playboy, sexy, hot, provocative, and artistic nude. Most ladies will select tastefully created portraits that represent variations of many of these. Once we understand what her needs are, we will discuss what we will do to create images that she will be extremely proud of for years to come and at the same time be comfortable with. We will go over all the details during the free consultation.

We will discuss what clothing will be used. We have various types of clothing available, including lingerie, and we will offer suggestions for clothing, jewelry, and accessories that you might want to bring to create a more personal photograph.

We will show how the professional female makeup artists will fix her hair and makeup in a manner suitable for photography, just as if she were going on a movie set or a magazine shoot. We will not change her hairstyle or makeup to make her look like someone else. Everything done will compliment the hairstyle that she normally uses with makeup colors and amount that she feels comfortable with.  All of our hair and makeup artists are licensed Cosmeticians or Cosmetologists.  This insures your safety and sanitation meet the State of Oklahoma standards.

We will mention a word that is very important to all of our clients – Retouching. This means that any and all of those “figure flaws” that she is naturally worried about will be either eliminated or reduced. Her photographs will look just like those of the ladies in any magazine, all of which have been retouched and “corrected.” Every photo you see on our web site has been retouched. All problem areas have been reduced or eliminated and yet every photo looks natural and untouched. Our expertise will come shining through for you as well.

We will make every woman look beautiful. We do this by enabling every woman to feel beautiful and, consequently, release this beauty that is unique to herself. We will capture this in photos that will be treasured for a lifetime.

What if I am overweight?

Few of our clients have a perfect body. Most of the ladies have the same complaints about their figure as you do. We will minimize all the problem areas so that every photo will surprise you as to how well you can look: beautiful and sinfully sensual. Every portrait will reduce any flaws seen on the face or figure, regardless of age or body shape, and will accentuate all the assets. You do not need to loose weight. With our professional lighting and posing techniques and digital enhancement, you will look as thin as you wish.

What if I am too old?

Nonsense. There is no age limit among our clients. The only necessary quality of any age is to be open minded and young at heart. We have given beautifully sensual photographs to ladies as young as 19 and older than 70. No matter what the age, every woman has qualities that set her apart from others. We will create portraits that display the memorable looks that make your man smile when he remembers his favorite moments with you.

What if I am not photogenic?

Even if you feel you have never taken a good picture or have hated your photos in the past, we will create beautiful portraits that will be extremely flattering to you. We use the same techniques used by all the great glamour photographers on the West and East coast. The beautiful photographs are a result of our teaching you what poses will work best for you and how to pose to compliment your face and figure to enhance your assets. In addition, the hair and makeup make-overs, the complimentary lighting and posing techniques, the digitally enhanced airbrushing, and flawless photographic printing will result in a portrait album that will show you looking better than you ever dreamed possible.

What if I am too nervous?

Everyone is nervous. It would be unusual if you weren’t. The free consultation will enable you to experience the professionalism that we show to every one of our clients. After just a few minutes with the makeup artist in the beginning of your photo session, that nervousness will be gone. It will be like going to a Spa. By the time the actual photo session starts, you will be having so much fun that your photographs will look natural, relaxed, and comfortable. After the photo session, you will be surprised to realize how much fun it was and how happy you are with the finished portraits.

What are the qualifications of Fantasy Photography?

We introduced Fantasy and Boudoir photography into Oklahoma more than 25 years ago. We are the recognized experts in the Oklahoma City metropolitan area. Two television stations, Chanel 5 and Chanel 9, have reported on our photo style as gifts welcomed by that special person in you life. The Oklahoma Gazette and The Daily Oklahoman have written articles about the photography experience in our studio. Unlike the boudoir photographers who have no experience from their photography hobby, our decades of experience photographing ladies in this style of photography goes into every portrait we do at our boudoir studio.  When anyone says boudoir photography in Oklahoma or boudoir photography in Oklahoma City, they are thinking of Fantasy Photography.  Absolutely no photographer in Oklahoma can match how beautiful Fantasy Photography can make you.  No One!

How much does it cost?

Costs are varied. They are based on the session length and the options that you prefer, such as: hair and makeup, number and size of photos selected, chosen album, and retouching needed. Your beautiful portrait session starts at only $25.00.   The price for your gorgeous portraits start at only $20.00.  There are no “packages” that have to be selected. There is no minimum order that has to be purchased. There is no time limit on the photo session. There is no limit on the number of clothes changes allowed.  There is no limit on the number of portraits created.  How can we create perfection and beautiful, if we put any restrictions on you?  No one is forced to buy anything.  Everything is completely customizable to fit any budget. There is no photography studio in Oklahoma that offers so much for so little.  All of these details are discussed in the free consultation.

Do you offer a Military Discount?

Fantasy Photography is proud to honor all who serve our country, and their families, with a special 10% discount on all portrait prices.

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